Demo Day

Games, Networking, Party!

Welcome to the Campfire, a virtual networking event created to curb all your social gathering needs. At Campfire we invite all like minded folks from Indian Games Industry to meet people they already know or make new friends from the same industry. Campfire tries to replicate the experience of normal game dev meetups in a new way, so you don’t have to move out of your home and have a social gathering in a safe environment.

How does Campfire work?

An invite for Campfire will be sent via mail which will have our zoom invite details. When the event starts you will find yourself in a zoom lobby with a Host. Then the host will create small rooms of 4-5 people each and will randomly place you in a room. Each room will run for 20 minutes and then you will back again in the lobby and the same process repeats until the Campfire ends. 


What do we talk about in the Campfire?

Your current game that you are working on or why do you hate your csgo teammates or anything that you want to talk about. Campfire is a casual networking party, so there is no single topic of discussion, as long as you don’t offend anyone in that small room you are fine with any topic.

Who can join Campfire?

Anyone, who is currently working in the Indian Games Industry. Currently we are not inviting students in this event.

When is the next Campfire?

27th May 2023
Do fill the form out below if you haven’t already 👇

How do I get an invite for Campfire?

You just need to fill up the form below, and we will drop you an invite via mail.

Note: If you have already filled this form during our first campfire, you don’t need to fill it again, we will send you the invite for all our future Campfire.